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Highest Standard

Full Pack of Features and Possibilities for Publishing Sites

Quick, Easy and
Intuitive Set-Up
Make your news site operational fast and easy with seamless set up process.
Performance Optimized WordPress Theme
Set the highest SEO standard with speedy performance for wide-scale news websites.
Clean, Engaging and Timeless Design
Allow your users to easily navigate and consume the content quickly.
Possibility to Monetize
Turn content into revenue with monetization features.
Wide Set of Sections
Publish news, reviews, and editorials in an organized manner.
Ease of Use

Easy Installation and Customization

The theme comes with advanced yet easily customizable features that do not overload the website and guarantee fast performance even with the highest traffic flows.
Only One Plugin Required
The theme requires just a single plugin to unlock all its powerful features and capabilities.
Wide Range of Customizable Settings
Build the appearance that matches your vision, choosing from diverse header types, changing sidebar placement, picking image orientation and size, and other settings.
Installation and Set Up in One Click
Launch your news site easily with the smoothest installation process that allows to import demo content, homepage, customizer and options with just several clicks.
Settings for Post Sections
Choose section types, edit column counts, spacing, modify image size, orientation, margins, and other settings.
Live Preview
See real-time changes without reloading the page as you customize the theme to fit your style, audience and purposes.
Customization Without Any Coding
Unlock the full potential of your news website without any need for coding skills, empowering you to easily customize this user-friendly theme.
Functionality that Matches
Your Needs
Designed for publishing websites of any scale, the theme provides every necessary feature to streamline your online presence, with no additional plugins required.

Fast Mobile and Desktop Performance

Specifically optimized to seamlessly handle high volumes of traffic for publishers of any size, making your website pleasant to explore.
Core Web Vitals
Assessment Passed
PageSpeed Insights
Higher Ranking on Google
Speed optimization ensures higher Google rankings and drives increased organic traffic to your news site.
Upgraded User Experience
The theme guarantees enhanced user experience by reducing page load times, ensuring quicker access to content, and improving overall site performance.
Minimized Bounce Rates
Minimized bounce rates make your visitors engage with your website's content and stay longer, leading to higher conversions and improved search engine rankings.
Better Brand Perception
Optimizing website speed is key to user experience, directly influencing visitor satisfaction and loyalty.
Enhanced User Engagement
Quick loading times captivate visitors, significantly lowering the likelihood of them leaving your site prematurely.
Higher Conversion Rates
Faster, user-friendly website can lead to more conversions, whether it is browsing time, sign-ups, or other actions.

Attract More Readers from the First Positions of the Search Results

Built to deliver a smooth reading experience in high-traffic conditions, perfect for publishers large and small.

The Time-Proven Design for Publishing Sites

Minimal, professional-looking design that concentrates all the attention on the content you share, highlighting your expertise in the media field.
Emphasis on Information
Theme’s design directs audience's focus to the core of your content – the valuable information that is central to the news and stories you share.
Slider with Suggested Posts
Showcase relevant articles with captivating images and eye-catching headlines in slider, immediately grabbing visitors' attention and encouraging them to explore more.
Variety of Article Sections
Choose from several layouts: standard, horizontal, numbered or tile option with text over the image to arrange your publications in an organized manner.
Post Variations
Pick from standard or featured layouts, options with text overlay, fullwidth overlay, title only, with no sidebar or without any visuals.
Numbered Articles
Create a numbered arrangement of articles for a structured, attention-grabbing look for your publications.
Newsletter Banners
Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletters and updates with a banner with or without image.

Monetize Your News Website through Advertising

Maximize your revenue stream with the theme's integrated ad wallpapers and banners, designed to monetize your news site.
Full-Width Leaderboard and Wallpaper Ads
Place a full-width advertisement at the top of the page for maximum visibility, or integrate ads as your site’s background.
Horizontal Banners Between Sections
Strategically place horizontal ad banners to capture reader’s attention as they transition from one content section to another.
Banners inside Sections
Embed advertisements directly within news sections, offering targeted advertising in a relevant context.
Sidebar Banners
Place vertical ads alongside the main content on the sidebar, maintaining visibility for users as they scroll through the site.
In-Line Banners
Integrate advertisements within articles themselves, resulting in higher engagement as it is placed where readers are most focused.
AdSense Integration
Monetize your site traffic much more effectively than managing ads yourself, show the most relevant ads based on your content and visitor behavior with Google AdSense.

Additional Theme Features by WordPress Power Elite Author

Highest quality and a full pack of necessary features for your news website designed and developed by a dedicated team of professionals.
Video Backgrounds
Convey the mood, setting, and context of news stories more effectively than words or images alone.
Autoloading Next Post
As one article automatically loads after another, users are more likely to consume more content, significantly increasing the number of page views.
Rich Typography Options
The wide choice guarantees improved readability and accessibility, enhanced visual appeal, and allows to establish a unique and consistent style.
Unlimited Colors
Customizable colors allow you to align design with your brand identity, creating a recognizable look across all pages and content.
Adaptive Images
Enhanced user experience on desktop, mobile and tablet. User experience is optimized, both in terms of speed and visual appearance.
Social Media Integration
Increase reach and user engagement, spread the word about latest news by allowing users to share your content on social media platforms.
Newsreader is crafted based on the professional team’s 7-year experience and backed by more than 24,000 sold licenses

Packed with Essential yet Important Theme Features

One Click Demo Import
Easily import demo content or switch between demos without effort to quickly and easily set up your website with a pre-designed template.
Multilingual & RTL Support
The theme is fully translatable and compatible with multilingual plugins, supporting a wide array of languages and RTL scripts.
SEO Optimized
Integrated with the latest SEO techniques, including Google Structured Data, to help improve your site's search rankings and attract more readers.
Reliable Support Team
The expert support team is committed to providing you with fast and efficient assistance, ensuring a high-quality user experience.
GDPR Compliance
Meet all data protection regulations with our theme, enhancing user trust and safeguarding against legal issues related to privacy.
Regular Updates
Regular updates provide latest features and promise ongoing compatibility with new WordPress versions, ensuring your website remains efficient and up-to-date.
Built-In Galleries
Default built-in styles for native WordPress galleries allow for seamless, attractive image presentations right out of the box.
WordPress Coding Standards
Crafted in accordance with WordPress Coding Standards, the theme ensures clean, efficient, and secure code that guarantees a high-performing website.
Developer Friendly
Designed with developers in mind, we offer a user-friendly interface, customizable code, and extensive documentation to tailor the theme to specific needs.

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

In-depth documentation designed to help you effortlessly optimize your site for peak performance speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included With My Purchase Of Newsreader?
The one-time purchase includes the theme with 7 ready-to-use demos, regular updates and lifetime support assistance from the team.
Are There Any Recurring Fees?
There are no recurring payments, subscriptions or fees. You only pay once and get a lifetime access to a purchased theme, support services and updates.
Does the Theme Support Monetization Options?
The theme includes diverse monetization features such as banners and wallpapers, as well as Google AdSense integration.
Are The Prebuilt Websites Customizable?
You can customize the theme to match your vision and purposes. There are broad customization options for colors, fonts, sections, post layouts and more.
Why Should I Trust Newsreader?
WordPress Power Elite Author status, 7 years of experience and more than 20,000 sales showcase the team's commitment to excellence.
Mobile Performance
The New Standard of WordPress Themes for Digital Media
Single Purchase, Unlimited Lifetime Access